Skid Book Club #1- “Pantheon? What Pantheon?” by Terry Gunnell

Last night was the first Skid book club voice chat after the revamp of the server. For the most part, it was just myself and Gunny talking about the paper. Overall, I found the paper comforting. I have never seen Odin as the “head” god of my practice, and knowing that that has some basis in history helped ease some of my worries over it. I know not everything has to be historical, but it helps sometimes.

Gunny and I went through the whole paper together and talked about the parts that tripped me up. Basically, I need to read more of the other papers and books available to us. I’m grateful that she and the other members of Skid have been so helpful and non-judgmental while I get started on this. It feels like I’m working with muscles that haven’t been used in a very long time.

I feel like this was a good reminder for myself to continue to ask questions, no matter how small or silly. Google is helpful sometimes, but for most of these things having a real teacher just makes it click so much easier. It is so scary stepping out of my comfort zone for this, but I know it is worth it and that I’ll get more comfortable with it the more I do it. Just gotta keep trying. Putting updated reading list below just so I can find it again

To Read:
Building the Starry Way
Adam of Bremen’s accounts
Heimskringla/Ynglinga Saga
The Life of Numa