I don’t use one for my holidays. I find that listening and watching the weather and animals around you makes for a better “calendar.” This list is still a work in progress, with more research being done as I go. The year begins when the first robins arrive.

Winter’s End- the day the first robin is seen by someone in the family.
Planting- the day the first seeds are planted in family farm or garden
Midsummer- the day the first cicadas are heard
Harvest- (usually around thanksgiving and can be lumped into that tbh) Whenever the family is done with harvest in farm or garden
Summer’s End- the day after snowfall sticks overnight
Cycle 1- the day the first flock of geese is seen flying south
Winter Holiday- honestly I just lump this in with Christmas because it gets real dangerous to travel to see family often this time of year. January gets incredibly cold here (-50F wind chill) and Christmas is usually the last decent part of winter until the melt
Cycle 2- the day the first flock of geese is seen coming back home

I’m not really feeling like figuring out names for all these holidays right now. Naming the holidays doesn’t seem as important to me as actively paying attention to the world around me and following the holidays. I’ll get to it eventually, but for right now this is what I’ve got.