I don’t use one for my holidays. I find that listening and watching the weather and animals around you makes for a better “calendar.” This list is still a work in progress, with more research being done as I go. The year begins when the first robins arrive. Winter’s End- the day the first robin […]

Write-up of first dog cult ritual

Prepare offerings Purify self and George (shower for me, wet washcloth for washing George’s face) Light candle, circumambulate “Welcome, Ratatoskr, Tree-Climber and Message-Carrier. May my offerings be made sacred and my words be delivered clearly. I offer you this edamame in thanks.” Present edamame Light incense “Welcome, Apollo Cunomaglos, Hound Lord and Healer. Thank you […]


A few days ago in the heathenry discord server, Skid, a discussion helped kick off my journey in reconstruction. Wodgar asked 5 specific questions that I will be using to help keep myself focused: “Where did these people live? Who lived here before them? What cults were present? What artifacts have been uncovered? Are we […]

Hello World!

Hello World! I’m Ben. I am a Norse Heathen, and I plan to use this site to document my journey in trying to build up and reconstruct Norse Heathenry further. Blog posts will basically be like my notes, and pages will be more refined as I figure things out!