Dog Cult

George, the poodle inspiration behind dog cult

The Idea

Back in March (2020, for those reading in the future), I was hospitalized for a little while because I was struggling with my PTSD. About a month later, George came into my life. He’s a rescue from a large puppy mill in Missouri. He also has a form of PTSD. I wanted to figure out how to include him in my religious practice. I did some research and reconstructive work with Widukinding (link?), and here we are.

The Practice

The basic idea holding this whole ship together is that dogs are associated with healing throughout many ancient cultures. One god in particular with connections to both dogs and healing is Apollo Cunomaglos. A group called the Hirpi Sorani have a well recorded cult involving wolves and Apollo. Using that, we built a modern ritual.

Following the “normal” ritual format, I offer meat and pine incense to Apollo Cunomaglos in hopes to strengthen the bond between myself and George, as well as for our mutual healing. I also plan to set aside some of the meat for George. He’s really picky about eating so this bit is a work in progress.

Write-up of first dog cult ritual